Stimtrode 50mm (Circular) Electrodes


StimTrode® combines patented conductive stainless steel fabric and MultiStick® hydrogel with white polycoated fabric to provide the ultimate in flexibility and conformity. This electrode features a polycoated backing, which provides an additional moisture barrier, and its impedance compensation system ensures optimal current distribution. MultiStick® patented multi-layer adhesive hydrogel eliminates performance problems frequently associated with single-layer gels.

Our electrodes will ensure you receive the best performance from your TENS or NMES unit. These electrodes are designed to be reusable, comfortable, durable, long lasting and hypoallergenic.

  • Comfortable, non-irritating and easy to peel.
  • Multi-layer adhesive hydrogel
  • Provides maximum durability, longevity and performance.
  • Comfortable stimulation.
  • Distributes the current on the entire electrode.
  • Eliminates “stinging” and “hot spots”.

One pack contains a total of 4 electrode pads which will fit most types of TENS/NMES machines on the market.