Electrodes Sizing Guide

About Our Electrodes:

PALS® StimTrode®

StimTrode® combines Axelgaard’s patented conductive stainless steel fabric and MultiStick® hydrogel with white polycoated fabric to provide the ultimate in flexibility and conformity. This electrode features a polycoated backing, which provides an additional moisture barrier, and its impedance compensation system ensures optimal current distribution. Axelgaard’s MultiStick® patented multi-layer adhesive hydrogel eliminates performance problems frequently associated with single-layer gels.

What size electrode do I need?

Below is a guide, but is not restricted to this usage:

25mm- MediStim XP:  

hands, face, feet

50mm- MediStim XP and MediTens XP:

neck, back, arms, lower leg

 70mm- MediStim XP and MediTens XP:

lower back, quadriceps, labour

Frequently Asked Questions- Electrodes

Q- Are electrodes included within the rental or purchase kits?

  • Every MediStim XP and MediTens XP kit contains one set of electrodes. Please use the drop-down option to select the size according to the condition that you will be treating.

Q – How often should I replace the adhesive electrodes?

A – This depends on several factors including skin type, storage conditions, and regularity of use. As a general rule, the electrodes should last at least 4 weeks with daily use. If usage is less, replacement should be less frequent. It is important to ensure the skin is clean and dry and thoroughly clear of any creams or lotions.

Indication of wear

  • Controller goes into ‘safety mode’ with warning triangle on controller
  • ‘high spots’ – pins and needles where current is not evenly distributed
  • Adhesiveness reduces- not contacting with skin correctly

Q – What should I do if I experience an adverse reaction?

A – If any irritation, skin reaction, hypersensitivity or any adverse reaction is experienced, discontinue use and contact your prescribing clinician.  A slight reddening of the skin is normal under the electrodes during and for a short time after treatment. This should disappear within approximately 30 minutes.