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Kneehab® XP Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is Kneehab® XP?

A – Kneehab® XP is a unique, innovative, conductive garment based-Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) product designed specifically to treat quadriceps atrophy (thigh muscle weakness). By strengthening the entire quads muscle group, the knee has better stability, which can assist with secondary issues as a result of the primary knee challenges, such as lumber, hip and foot pain etc. Better knee stability should also decrease the likelihood of injury.

Q – What is EMS?

A – Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) as seen in Kneehab® XP offers non-surgical, non-medicinal solutions to treat muscle atrophy and chronic pain, using pain free electrical pulses through gel pads on the skin, to aid rehabilitation. EMS has been used for over 50 years to re-activate and strengthen weakened muscles.

Q – What is Multipath Stimulation Technology?

A – Kneehab® XP uses multipath stimulation technology, which is a highly advanced form of electrical muscle stimulation for injury rehabilitation. Multipath optimises rehabilitation through strong, but comfortable contractions and is a huge breakthrough in EMS using sophisticated modern engineering and software technology to focus stimulation precisely in those parts of the muscle that optimise muscle contraction.  Multipath enables Kneehab® XP to deliver highly focused accurate and comfortable quadriceps contractions, whilst also teaching the brain how to correctly use the muscle group.

Q – Can Kneehab® XP be used before or after surgery?

A – Kneehab® XP can be used both pre-and post-operatively to accelerate knee rehabilitation, and can be used soon after surgery under the advice of your clinician. Clinical trials in the U.S. have evidenced that it can expedite recovery following ACL reconstruction surgery by up to 13 weeks.

Q – What Conditions can Kneehab® XP Treat?

A – The following is a list of conditions which Kneehab® XP can treat:

  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Anterior Knee Pain
  • Post-Fracture
  • Patella Dislocation
  • Arthroscopy
  • Acute and Chronic Arthritis
  • Post-Stroke
  • General Weakness and Incapacity

Q – What should Kneehab® XP feel like when operating?

A – When you switch Kneehab® XP on and gradually increase the intensity, you will feel a mild, comfortable “tingling” or “buzzing” sensation in the quadriceps muscle. As you increase the intensity, the muscles will begin to contract. The channel on the inside of your thigh will increase the intensity in the inner part of the quadriceps (called the Vatus Medialis). For some conditions your clinician may recommend you only use this channel. The channel on the outside of your thigh will increase the intensity in the rest of the quadriceps. Both channels are used together in general use. Kneehab® XP assists in the stabilisation of the knee by contracting the inner quadriceps before the outer quadriceps.

Q – How can Kneehab® XP help rehabilitate the Knee?

A – The quadriceps muscle is the most important stabiliser of the knee. After knee injuries or knee surgery, pain and swelling can often cause disuse, which leads to muscle atrophy. An essential component of rehabilitation after knee injury is strengthening of the quadriceps muscle. Kneehab® XP works by re-educating and strengthening the quadriceps muscle through cycles of contraction and relaxation. Kneehab® XP is a highly effective, yet simple and convenient way to rehabilitate quadriceps atrophy after injury or surgery. As a secondary benefit, NMES can also assist with Oedema.

Q – How often should I use Kneehab® XP?

A – It can be used twice daily, with 6 hours between use.  If you have one, your prescribing clinician will advise you on the duration of your treatment program as well as if they feel that an additional program would be of benefit to you. Over use will result in muscle fatigue which will inhibit recovery. Indication of this will be a dull ache in the muscle after the program. If this occurs, consider reducing the intensity, or/and the number of programs per day with the intention to build this again more slowly.

Q – What should I do if treatment becomes uncomfortable?

A – Effective treatment should not cause undue discomfort. If treatment does become painful, try lowering the intensity level slightly then gradually build back up to previous level. If discomfort persists it would be advisable to contact your prescribing clinician who will advise you on usage of Kneehab® XP  to minimise discomfort. You should also consider how much usage your electrodes have had, and if it may be necessary to change these. How quickly the electrodes require replacement, will be a reflection of how often Kneehab XP is used, and how closely you have followed preparation instructions- ie to thoroughly clean and dry skin. Remember, too, to cover the elctrodes between use. See How often should I replace the adhesive electrodes? below

Q – Can Kneehab® XP be used in conjunction with other forms of therapy?

A – Kneehab® XP can be used adjunct to most forms of therapy for knee injuries.

Q – How often should I replace the adhesive electrodes?

A – This depends on several factors including skin type, storage conditions, and regularity of use. As a general rule, the electrodes should last at least 4 weeks with daily use. If usage is less, replacement should be less frequent. It is important to ensure the skin is clean and dry and thoroughly clear of any creams or lotions.

Indication of wear

  • Controller goes into ‘safety mode’ with warning triangle on controller
  • ‘high spots’ – pins and needles where current is not evenly distributed
  • Adhesiveness reduces- not contacting with skin correctly


Q – Can Kneehab® XP be used on other parts of the body?

A – No – Kneehab® XP is used to treat quadriceps atrophy only and should not be used on any other part of the body. Please see the MediStim XP for other requirements.

Q – Can I move around while using Kneehab® XP

A – If you need to move around during a treatment session, press the on/off (pause) button briefly, to pause the treatment. To complete the treatment, just press the on/off (pause) button a second time. Should you wish to incorporate other exercises during use, please ensure you seek direction from your clinician. You may also see Can I exercise while using Kneehab® XP? below.

Q- Can I exercise while using Kneehab® XP?

A – There are exercises that can be done in conjunction with the Kneehab programs to complement treatment; some of these can be found on our website. Please ensure you only carry these out with the approval of your clinician.

Q- What program do I need?

A- As a quick guide which is elaborated in the user manual:

1) 50HZ 5 CONTRACT/ 10 RELAX Atrophy rehab/ early muscle activation/ strengthening/muscle growth/ conditioning

2) 35HZ 5 CONTRACT/5 RELAX Sports rehab and neurological rehab, re-education and conditioning

3) 50HZ 10 CONTRACT/ 50 RELAX Sports strengthening and endurance- teaching muscle to release slowly for endurance activity (i.e. muscle education not growth)

 Q – What should I do if I experience an adverse reaction?

A – If any irritation, skin reaction, hypersensitivity or any adverse reaction is experienced, discontinue use and contact your prescribing clinician.  A slight reddening of the skin is normal under the electrodes during and for a short time after treatment. This should disappear within approximately 30 minutes.

Q – Are there any Contraindications with Kneehab® XP?

A – Do not use Kneehab® XP if you have any electronic implants (e.g. Cardiac pacemaker or internal defibrillator) or if you are suffering from any other heart problems including any serious cardiac arrhythmia.

(for a full list of warnings and precautions please refer to page 5 of the Kneehab® XP (user manual) and always seek final guidance from your clinician.

Q – Who should I contact if I have other additional queries?

A – Contact your prescribing Clinician or a member of the Recovery Muscle Ltd Support Team if you have any questions regarding usage of Kneehab® XP