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Recovery Muscle
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 14 reviews
 by Patricia
What product were you using?: MediStim XP

 by Maria
MediStim XP Rental
What product were you using?: MediStim
What were you using the product to treat?: Recovery following ACL Surgery

Great service, excellent product. The medistim was delivered as advised with a very useful guide for the sticky pad placement. My physio was away when the medistim arrived, James from Recovery Muscle was very helpful with setup and helping me to start use.


Thank you for the kind review Maria, it has been a pleasure assisting you with your recovery journey. Kind regards,James

 by Martyn C.
What product were you using?: MediStim
What were you using the product to treat?: Knee Replacement

Recovery is making good progress with the Medistim product I have on hire. I was told it would take between 5 and 7 days for delivery, however it actually took 14 days for delivery. The support staff kept me updated throughout the postal delays. I have given a 4 star review purely due to my having to reschedule my physio appointment due to the delays with delivery, however I must mention these delays were due to An Post and not Recovery Muscle.

I am only 4 weeks into my 14 week recovery, but myself and my physio are impressed with the progress I have made so far. I would say the sticky pads need replacing every 4 weeks, which is the lower end of the 4-6 weeks I was advised, but I have been using it 3 times a day.

All in all a good experience and great little addition to my recovery.

 by Rebecca Dawson
New must have device
What product were you using?: MediStim
What were you using the product to treat?: Knee Replacement and Arthritis

Where to begin?? I have relied on my kneehab for years following a knee replacement many years ago. My old kneehab finally gave up, so I was straight on the phone to Recovery Muscle. They discussed my requirements and options available including the option to rent units and convert them if they suited my needs. I was advised the kneehab product was being discontinued and replaced by the Medistim product. I was a little sceptical because it did not use a wrap like my kneehab, and was worried about the reliance on me to place the electrodes in the right place. James went over the product in great detail and even provided a very clear guide for a number of electrode placements. I decided to go with their recommendation and have not looked back since.

The medistim product provides the same great treatment options as my kneehab, with the added bonus of allowing treatment of both legs and my bad back. All this from a single unit. We recently used the unit on my husbands shoulder following a tear to his rotator cuff. Both my husband and his physio have been very impressed with the medistim. The guys at Recovery Muscle even worked direct with my husbands physio to assist with programme guidance and electrode placement. Their out of hours email has been a great help with questions that popped up over the weekend during use.

All in all, a great service, great product and great company to deal with.

 by Kevin C
Does what it says on the box
What product were you using?: MediStim
What were you using the product to treat?: Post ACL surgery rehab

Can’t fault service or product , did everything it said it would and the team went the extra mile to ensure I was happy initial setup and daily use through my rental periods.

 by Damien Greenwood
Fantastic Service
What product were you using?: MediTens XP

I had a delayed delivery due to recent postal difficulties to Ireland. I was kept in the loop at all times regarding the status of my order. I was more than happy to wait until the postage issue was resolved, however, Recovery Muscle sent out replacement for the missing item without me even asking them to which was a fantastic service. I could not be more pleased or impressed with this company and thoroughly recommend them. 5* from me.

 by Deirdre M
5 star service and item
What product were you using?: MediStim XP
What were you using the product to treat?: Stroke Recovery

Following my husband's stroke in early 2020, our physio recommended we contact Recovery Muscle to discuss the use of the MediStim. From our very first contact, the guys at Recovery Muscle have been fantastic, taking 30 minutes during our first call to discuss the products and offer their expert advice with suitability, options available and answering the many questions we had for them.

What can I say about the MediStim, for such a small thing, it has helped in such an enormous way. My husband was unable to stand and had very little movement in his arm when he was discharged. With the assistance of the MediStim and his wonderful physio team, he is now able to stand unaided and walk with a stick and has close to full movement back in his arm and hand. After being told his mobility may not return, this has been a real blessing.

I also suffer from lower back pain, and have often used it to assist with this.

The MediStim has been a great purchase, delivered with great customer support. We have always been made to feel help and assistance is always on offer. I have given this review 5 stars for the great item and wonderful support offered.

 by Geraldine Bradshaw
Thank you Recoverymuscle team
What product were you using?: Kneehab
What were you using the product to treat?: Rt Total knee replacement after patellectomy

30 years ago I had a right patellectomy as a result of recurrent dislocation. In June 2019 I had a right total knee replacement. I did everything I could to get back to optimal function but struggled with straight leg raises. My consultant suggested I try electrical muscle stimulation device.
With the help of my physio I rented Kneehab.
I cannot put into words the help, support and advice provided by Andrew who underpinned his response with evidence base outcomes which was important to be {after spending over 40 years as a nurse in the NHS}.
My straight leg lag is now between 12-15. I great flexibility, no pain and can kneel on my knee. I still struggle a bit with steps but no this will get better. As my consultant says -" I have to be patient as not having a patella to start with".
I use Kneehab daily for 20mins and have been advised by Andrew the stages of the various programs that would benefit me as my recovery progresses in conjunction with my physiotherapist.
I have since decided to purchase the device as I want to ensure I do all I can to stay active. This is supported by the gym and pilates.
Thank you Recoverymuscle and thank you to Andrew.

 by Lucie Dutton
Great Service and Product
What product were you using?: Kneehab
What were you using the product to treat?: snapped ACL

The Kneehab device worked incredibly well with my physio , supporting the work I was doing to build up the muscles around my snapped ACL. The team at Recovery Muscle were fabulous, spending time talking me through the machine and answering my emails promptly (even out of office hours). I wouldn't hesitate to recommend both Kneehab and Recovery Muscle to anyone in a similar situation.

And what a pleasure it was to work with you during your recovery, Lucie. Thank you!

 by Laura
Can't praise Kneehab XP enough
What product were you using?: Kneehab XP
What were you using the product to treat?: 3rd knee surgery which was ACL Reconstruction

My physiotherapist recommended I start using Kneehab XP for my left knee when a few days post op I found myself looking at my leg crying cause i was unable to tense my quad or raise my leg from the bed, it was extremely frustrating.
After my third surgery as you can imagine my quads deteriorated and as well as having a weak internal knee my muscles weren't helping with external strength. I've battled for 4 years with my knee with symptoms of stiffness, pain, weakness, and even unable to trust my knee. With the help of Kneehab XP I'm 5 weeks post ACL Reconstruction and absolutely speechless about the results! I'm back walking, cycling to the gym and even working out, I was also able to return to work within 2 weeks. The difference this device has made to my knee and life are amazing words can not describe! I wish I could upload a before and after photo as you can see my Quad muscles grow ,become more defined and strong! My physiotherapist and Andy from Recovery Muscle are extremely happy with my results and it's all down to that device I wish I would have known about for my first surgery!
I never thought there would be a day i'd walk again after my accident but here i am planning a hike up Bray mountain in 3 weeks! Again to the team at Recovery Muscle and Andy who has been helping me with every single question i've had - Thank you for changing my life, my knee no longer holds me back! Even the painkillers are chucked in the bin.

Laura- we are so very moved by your experience and thrilled beyond words at the difference that Kneehab has made to your life and recovery. Stories like these are what our foundations are based on.If you should wish to share before and after photographs- please feel free to either post on our Instagram @RecoveryMuscle Twitter @Recovery_Muscle or Facebook RecovMuscleLtd (or just search for Recovery Muscle), alternatively you can email us with your pictures and we can publish them on your behalf.Once again- excellent news, and long may it continue. Thank you for a wonderful review.

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