About Electrodes

Neurotech have a selection of high quality electrodes that will ensure you receive the best performance from your TENS or NMES unit, and are not restricted for use on our own MediTens XP or MediStim XP products. These electrodes are designed to be reusable, comfortable, durable, long lasting and hypoallergenic.

  • Comfortable, non-irritating and easy to peel
  • Provide maximum durability, longevity and performance
  • Comfortable stimulation
  • Distributes the current on the entire electrode
  • Eliminates “stinging” and “hot spots”

One pack contains a total of 4 electrode pads which will fit most types of TENS/NMES machines on the market.

Please note that the Kneehab XP Electrodes come in one size which are designed to fit directly on to your garment with placement guides.

Replacement Parts