FAQ MediStim

Frequently Asked Questions- MediStim

Q – What is NMES and MediStim®XP?

A – Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation, or (NMES), is widely used and recognised therapy, which aids in restoring normal muscle function.

MediStim®XP uses NMES to prevent or slow down the wasting or weakening of muscles (atrophy) often associated with reduced movement and is clinically proven to be highly effective in the rehabilitation of muscle atrophy.  It also aids in the management of acute pain through Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS).

NMES delivers comfortable electrical pulses through adhesive electrode pads placed on the surface of the skin, to recruit the motor nerve. This causes the muscles to contract and relax, which helps to effectively strengthen the muscle and build up mass over time. Other benefits are improvement in joint range of motion, increased blood flow to the area which can reduce inflammation, relaxation of muscle spasms and in preventing the risk of venous thrombosis after surgery. MediStim®XP is easy to use with pre-set programmes and comprehensive electrode replacement guide.

Q-What is TENS 

A – TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is widely used in the medical community as it is a clinically proven, safe and drug free method of pain relief. TENS works by sending comfortable pulses to the nerves, via the electrode pads placed on the skin and eases pain via Pain Gate Control and Endorphin Release.

The MediStim®XP includes a TENS pain relief function. TENS is a clinically proven, safe and effective means of providing a drug free method of pain relief for acute or chronic pain.

Q-What are the benefits of MediStim®XP?

  • MediStim®XP offers an effective, home based, drug free therapy that complements your rehabilitation program, giving you control and confidence in your recovery process
  • Helps you to return to normal activities as soon as possible and improve your quality of life
  • MediStim®XP is easy to use, with a large, clear digital display, simple program changing and one touch operation
  • Helps you reach your personal rehabilitation goals with nine pre-set programmes targeted at specific conditions

Q – What conditions can MediStim®XP treat?

MediStim®XP is designed to treat a broad range of conditions. NMES is proven by clinical research to be highly effective therapy for muscle rehabilitation. The device strengthens muscles by triggering them to contract and relax. It can also be used to help improve blood circulation and reduce swelling (oedema). MediStim®XP can assist with the following:

  • Facial / Bell’s Palsy
  • Knee and Quadriceps Rehabilitation (pre/post operatively or as an alternative to)
  • Shoulder Rehabilitation
  • Back Rehabilitation
  • Muscle Rehabilitation, Toning and De-Toning of selected Muscles or Muscle groups
  • Pre and Post Hip Surgery Strengthening
  • Relaxation of Muscle Spasm
  • Neurological Muscle Rehabilitation / Muscle Re-Education
  • Acute and Chronic Arthritis
  • Treatment of Post-Stroke Related Paralysis and other Paresis
  • Maintain or Increase Range of Motion
  • Prevention or Retardation of Disuse Muscle Atrophy
  • Improving Local Blood Circulation
  • Management of Acute or Chronic Oedema
  • Musculoskeletal Pain
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Joint Instability

Q – How often should I use MediStim®XP?

A – It can be used twice daily, with 6 hours between use. If you have one, your prescribing clinician will advise you on the duration of your treatment program as well as if they feel that an additional program would be of benefit to you. Over use will result in muscle fatigue which will inhibit recovery. Indication of this will be a dull ache in the muscle after the program. If this occurs, consider reducing the intensity, or/and the number of programs per day with the intention to build this again more slowly.

Q – What should I do if treatment becomes uncomfortable?

A – Effective treatment should not cause undue discomfort. If treatment does become painful, try lowering the intensity level slightly then gradually build back up to previous level. If discomfort persists it would be advisable to contact your prescribing clinician who will advise you on usage of MediStim®XP to minimise discomfort.

Q – Can MediStim®XP be used in conjunction with other forms of therapy?

A – MediStim®XP can be used adjunct to most forms of therapy for weak or damaged muscles.

Q – How often should I replace the adhesive electrodes?

A – This depends on several factors including skin type, storage conditions, and regularity of use. As a general rule, the electrodes should last at least 4 weeks with daily use. If usage is less, replacement should be less frequent. It is important to ensure the skin is clean and dry and thoroughly clear of any creams or lotions.

Indication of wear

  • Controller goes into ‘safety mode’ with warning triangle on controller
  • ‘high spots’ – pins and needles where current is not evenly distributed
  • Adhesiveness reduces – not contacting with skin correctly

Q – What should I do if I experience an adverse reaction?

A – If any irritation, skin reaction, hypersensitivity or any adverse reaction is experienced, discontinue use and contact your prescribing clinician.  A slight reddening of the skin is normal under the electrodes during and for a short time after treatment. This should disappear within approximately 30 minutes.

Q – Are there any Contraindications with MediStim®XP?

A – Do not use MediStim®XP if you have any electronic implants (e.g. Cardiac pacemaker or internal defibrillator) or if you are suffering from any other heart problems including any serious cardiac arrhythmia.

(for a full list of warnings and precautions please refer to page 4 of the MediStim®XP user manual)

Q – Who should I contact if I have additional queries?

A – Contact your prescribing Clinician or a member of the Recovery Muscle Ltd Support Team if you have any questions regarding usage of MediStim®XP.