About OPROtec:

OPROtec is the latest exciting brand to be added to the OPROGROUP’s growing portfolio of technical sports performance brands. It proudly joins OPRO Custom-Fit, OPRO Self-Fit and Maru.

When we got our heads together to develop OPROtec, our aim was simple. We wanted the brand to be straightforward and honest and to coin a phrase, ‘do what it said on the tin’ so our ethos reflects this. OPROtec gives athletes of all levels the ability to protect themselves and recover from injury and gain relief from pain. We are an inclusive brand – not an exclusive one.

Our products are designed to be long lasting and for added peace of mind, we protect you by offering a lifetime warranty . So if you feel that your OPROtec support or brace has not given you the wear you believe it should have done, get in touch with us.

Our K-Tape is protected by a Biomaster antimicrobial additive, guaranteed to be effective from the day you apply the tape to the day you take it off. Biomaster is a highly effective antimicrobial additive that harnesses the power of silver nano technology and kills up to 99.99% of known bacteria including MRSA. Clever stuff.

We have worked with top sports designers to create a range that combines the therapeutic and warming effects of neoprene with the compressive qualities of seamless knitted technology. Silicone grip on the inside of the supports ensures they stay firmly in place and don’t slip whilst being worn. Essential for comfort.

OPROtec is for everybody. As we say, ‘it never gets easier but you just get stronger’.


We’ve teamed up with world leaders Addmaster, to include their highly acclaimed antimicrobial agent, Biomaster, in our OPROtec K Tape.

The Biomaster antimicrobial additive offers permanent protection against harmful bacteria, fungi and moulds.  Ideal for a product you wear when you’re training hard and sweating hard.

This odour free additive protects against 99.99% of bacteria for the lifetime of the K Tape.  What’s more, it has also been proven to be resistant to MRSA.

  • Provides 99% protection against bacteria
  • Proven to be resistant to MRSA
  • Antimicrobial additive is active for the entire time you are wearing OPROtec K Tape


The second part of the OPROtec ethos focuses on recovery.

Unfortunately, injuries happen and we know being side-lined from activity is tough. But at OPROtec, we want to get you on the road to healing as soon as possible. Our sleeves, supports, and braces have all been created with materials and designs that warm and compress muscles to encourage blood flow and kickstart your body’s natural healing process. 

Neoprene Fit

Neoprene is a padded, stretchy, weather-resistant fabric with several unique qualities that promote recovery, the most important being its thermal properties. The neoprene in OPROtec products provides thermal compression andheat retention that promotes more efficient healing and muscle and joint movement. Neoprene retains heat – this leads to an increased oxygen consumption that aids in raising lactic acid thresholds. This, in turn, maximises blood flow to the area and reduces inflammation and pain.

Knitted Compression

The OPROtec ankle, calf, knee, and elbow sleeves all feature seamless knitting technology.Unlike other materials that may have thick seams that dig into the skin, the seamless design is specifically engineered for long-lasting comfort during athletic activity. OPROtec knitted sleeves help improve muscle performance and muscle recovery from injury through compression and increased blood flow to affected areas.


The final part of the OPROtec ethos is relief – relief from the pain and relief from the stresses of being injured. 

All of our products are designed to get you back to activity as soon as possible and keep you moving throughout the recovery process. The last thing you want to deal with when working through an injury is having an uncomfortable brace or sleeve.

That’s why OPROtec supports and sleeves are designed with the wearer in mind. Tested for fit on multiple body shapes, they have been created to be comfortable and provide support when worn for long periods.

Silicone Grip

We’ve included a soft, silicone print in the unique OPROtec design on the inside of many OPROtec products. It is there to ensure that your support stays securely in place whilst you are wearing it and does not slip or move, even during strenuous exercise.